Kajiyama's cuisine combines Japanese and French.

Our owner, Akihito Kajiyama had learned japanese cuisine and french cuisine at famous restaurants and decided to open Japanese restaurant.
All ingredients are grown in Japan. We use most of vegetables and rice which grown in Kagoshima and fishes are from Karatsu and Wakayama.
All wines, still and sparking water are also well-selected and collected from many part of Japan.
We have only one course (omakase course).

Cuisine example.

  • “Bowl of Spanish mackerel When grilled eggplant”
    “Bowl of Spanish mackerel When grilled eggplant”
  • タイトル
  • タイトル
  • “Setouchi lemon and nougat glace&rdquo
    “Setouchi lemon and nougat glace&rdquo
  • タイトル
  • タイトル

Course of Kajiyama.

Lunch course

Omakase course :3,240 yen(exclude gratuity)

(We receive 10 percent plus as a service fee for all courses.)
Our course would change everyday, please contact us and ask details.

Dinner course

Chef recommendations course: 15,000 yen
Recommended course that can enjoy the world of chef.

Kajiyama Recommendations course: 10,000 yen
Women and for those who get the first time coming to Kajiyama.

Casual dinner course: 8,000 yen
Enjoy yourself to a dinner of simple luxuries.
(We receive 10 percent plus as a service fee for all courses)


We always have about 8 kinds of sake which perfectly match with our course dishes (ex. kenkonichi, haneya and ju-yondai).
We also prepare about 6 kinds of Japanese wine. others-seasonal tea, fruit juice, sparkling water and still water beer and syochu.
if you have any questions, please contact us.



From Kagoshima, qualified sommelier license and fugu(blowfish) license

When he was aged 20, he decided to open his own restaurant by aged 28, and he started to make career
In japanese cuisine restaurants and Michelin restaurants

Le jeu de l'assiette restaurant in Daikanyama (1 star Michelin): mastered french technique

June, 2015

"Kajiyama" is opened in roppongi.
All the ingredients are from Japan and well selected by chef
we use japanese and french technique for each dishes and create new style of Japanese cuisine